"Retarded Eddie..."

The Situation

Rag week, soon after it had been announced that Prince Edward was going to attend the University the following year.

The Idea

Like most cinemas, the one in Market Square has a large illuminated fašade to which are attached movable letters spelling out the films currently showing. One CURLS member (modesty forbids me to mention who), after cycling past one Sunday afternoon, discovered that the phrases "Gandhi", "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" and "Licensed Bar" thereon displayed just happened to be an anagram of

"Prince Edward's an idle dolt and mean bighead"

The Planning

This discovery was then announced to the next CURLS meeting. While the anagrammatic purity of this sentence (even down to the apostrophe) was unrivalled, the assembled company decided that a more humorous rearrangement might be possible, and after a while arrived at the creditable (if slightly mis-spelt)

"Retarded Eddie now has place in Magdalin"

The Execution

At dead of night, the crack team set off to carry out their nefarious task. Using a ladder liberated from the building work at Great St Mary's, the letters were removed and sorted ready to be replaced in their new configuration. Unfortunately, the owner of the neighbouring restaurant became aware of what was going on, and took exception. Then the local constabulary arrived. They sportingly allowed us to complete our mission and take some photographs, on condition that we restored the sign to its original state. Oh well.

Picture: The culprits and their handiwork (76K)

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